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I am a writer, nature lover, budding artist, photography enthusiast, and creative spirit reducing, reusing, and recycling midlife experiences through narrative, art, photos, and poetry. 

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(Excerpts from e-mails I have received via this Web site) 

On writing:

You probably hear this all the time, but you are a brilliant, amazingly talented, humorous writer.
If a potential employer spends 20 minutes reading your blog, they will have no doubt about your beautiful and unique voice - its range and depth, its poetry and power.
I think you are a beautifully gifted writer, and I appreciate you allowing me to read your thoughts. Sometimes I laugh out loud, sometimes I ponder, and sometimes I have a good cry as a result of the things I read on your blog. As I have tagged along on your journey this past year, I have experienced every emotion imaginable and have thoroughly enjoyed every twist and turn of your story.
I just read all your entries, and I eagerly await your next entry. They're wonderful. You really have a gift for words.
I am beginning to really look forward to your daily dose of humor and reality all rolled into one!!!
I love reading what you write, Veronica, and fear I am growing addicted....morrrrrrre please.
I just want you to know that I look forward to reading V-GRRRL! You are so witty and adept at creating imagery. It really lifts my spirits and reminds me to keep life's events in perspective.
--L. D.
I love your articles, wonderfully written and very evocative.
What can I say other than “Wow.” Love your articles. Your stories totally floor me with laughter and a lot of “Ahh-men” sister. You definitely have a new fan, as I totally can understand each and every word you write. Grrrl, do keep the articles coming!
I enjoy your writing immensely. It's a real gift to me and to the blogging community.
Just happened upon your site and want to commend you on the beautiful job you have done on the blog. It is well put together and interesting.
I have to take this time to tell you that I have been riveted to your entire blog for approximately two hours! I should add that I am at work!! Your humor is very similar to mine and reading your "adventures" has brought a measure of peace during a very anxious time.
Your writing is creating your legacy. It's something that your kids can look at in years to come and say "My mom wrote that" and they'll think how smart, talented, and funny you are.
You are such a master with language, I love reading your site.
Your words are beautiful and courageous and I thank you for lightening my load by making the time to share them with me. Opening your heart to reach out to others is never, ever a waste of time.
That piece is very powerful! I really was just stunned the first time I read it – from the title right on through. It’s lovely and sad and hopeful all at the same time.

 From customers who have purchased my cards and artwork:

Received my cards, Veronica! They're beautiful! I love, love, love them! Thank you. :)



It's perfect! Thanks so much.



They are prettier in person, and you package them so beautifully!



I've given and received these cards. They are lovely. In fact, I have some out as art right now.



I just got these in the mail--they are darling! I almost want to send them for Christmas. Why not? Thanks, V--love your cards.



Cards came! Thank you! ♥

I think I will get frames for them and give one to my sweet husband on Valentines Day ♥


 Got my package today! The cards are even more gorgeous in person! I don't wanna give them away!



They are out of this world beautiful!! Everything about them is purely artisanally and professionally executed.