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I am a writer, nature lover, budding artist, photography enthusiast, and creative spirit reducing, reusing, and recycling midlife experiences through narrative, art, photos, and poetry. 

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I took my first creative writing class when I was seven, began journaling when I was 11, wrote a composition about my intention to become a professional writer when I was 12, and had my first articles published when I was 15.

In all times and places in my life, I have relished the power of words to increase understanding, reveal larger truths, connect people, transmit information, share experiences, and entertain, inspire, and persuade readers.

An English literature student who earned a bachelor’s degree in mass communications, I have worked as a public relations consultant, newspaper journalist, editor, ghostwriter, tech writer, and blogger.

I've produced articles, Web copy, marketing collateral, newsletters, slogans, executive and company profiles, advertising sections, and freelance pieces for Fortune 100 companies, small businesses, and individual entrepreneurs as well as print media.

While I am adept at translating complex concepts into clear, concise corporate prose, my greatest strength lies in my ability to tell a story, embed a message, and engage the reader.

I've earned numerous awards for my work as a journalist, creative writer, and public relations professional. A budding artist, creative spirit, and fan of social media, I am networked with kindred souls and accomplished professionals across the globe and available for select projects.

I specialize in writing that connects people, businesses, products, and ideas--that builds a community and generates a response.  Check out my LinkedIn profile here.